Sep 15, 2020


The Male’ Fitness Academy offers a specialist course of study in sports science. The demand for professionally trained fitness instructors is growing. More and more people are turning to recreational fitness to stay healthy. Parents want their children to adopt a healthy lifestyle. Certification is becoming a requirement.

We see this trend from the collection of candidates enrolled in Batch 7 of the National Fitness Instructor Certificate III at our academy. Students come from a variety of sports and fitness backgrounds. Some are aspiring fitness instructors & personal trainers. They contemplate work in local gyms or sports complexes in our upmarket tourist resorts. Physical education teachers, sports coaches, and sports development officers need a foundation in sports science as a prerequisite for employment. Athletes and referees are also a special category of professionals seeking a sports science foundation.

Students have a common interest. All students opting to do this course are interested in the science behind physical fitness. The FIFA referee is interested in the application of sports science to maintain international standards of fitness required of him and his colleagues. The swimming coach is interested in conditioning programs to improve their athletes’ performance. The PE teacher see this course as a precondition for a Level IV and qualify for graduate study. Then there are those who are inspired to reach a high level of personal fitness and work as group fitness instructors and personal trainers. Sports Development Officers are interested. We have a director of Special Olympics in Batch 7.

Educational opportunities for sports and fitness practitioners are scarce. There are not many registered course providers in sports science. We have been conducting this certification through a formal association with TVETA since 2016.

National Sports Associations depend on courses provided by their respective international sports federation and the International Olympic Solidarity programs.

The school system lacks teachers and sports coordinators with an adequate sports science background. The civil service has job classifications for physical education teachers and sports development officers for schools and local council.

There is growth in commercial fitness clubs. Male’ City has 26 registered gyms. Upmarket tourist resort requires their fitness instructors and sports coaches to be certified with competencies to deliver a high-end fitness service.

Two more batches are planned this year. Batch 8 in October and Batch 9 in November 2020. Seats are limited. We adhere to all COVID-19 mitigating protocols.

For more information please call us on 332-8722 between 5.30 am and 8.30 pm on weekdays. We are closed on Friday. A Certified Trainer will answer most of your questions. Should you wish to go further, the Trainer can arrangement an appointment with the Course Coordinator for 1.30 pm the following day. You may also text 747-2535 and we will call you back.