MFC at 100Plus Kereynetha Event

Dec 16, 2019


The Male’ Fitness Club participated in the 100 PLUS Kereynetha event – held to launch two new flavours of 100Plus – with a challenge of our own. We hosted 3 events: PLANK, PUSH-UP & 12 MINUTE TREADMILL RUN.

The MFC Academy was also present to promote our TVETA approved National Fitness Instructor Certificate III Course.

We wanted to find out the time a champion could hold the position. 18-year-old Club member Rixz prevailed with an amazing 10:02 minutes. The average set by 12 participants ranged around the 2-3 minute mark. Shahudhan follow with 5:16 minutes for second place, and Naushad with 5:01 minutes in third place.

Two minutes were given to find out how many push-ups could be performed with correct technique. Scores ranged from 32 to 150 among 9 challengers, with the top three being Naushad – 150, Yamin – 82 and Rixz – 61.

How much distance can be covered in 12 minutes on a treadmill. A sole challenger, Nafi rose to the occasion with 1km in 6 minutes.