Coronavirus, COVID-19 Health Emergency

Mar 16, 2020


The government declared a public health emergency to contain the Coronavirus (COVID-19) on 12 March 2020.

We have been conducting intensive awareness sessions for all our Trainers on HPA Guidelines to manage this outbreak. We are doing everything possible for the safety of our members and Trainers.

We are advising our members to be extra hygiene conscious and follow HPA Guidelines at our fitness club. This is for your protection against this highly contagious flu. We also believe that, with these new guidelines, the state of hygiene practices in fitness clubs will change for good.

Compliant cleaning procedures involve disinfecting the gym floor with HPA recommended disinfectant – 1 part of bleach to 9 parts of water and wiping down equipment surfaces with products containing 70% ethanol. Washing your hands and avoid touching your face and keeping a social distance is important.

We have increased our cleaning rounds from two to three – 10 pm closing at night, 8 am after the early morning rush and at 3 pm in the afternoon before the evening rush.

Trainers and clients are advised to wipe down equipment surfaces after use.

We also advise clients with flu symptoms NOT to visit the gym. We will be happy to freeze their subscription.

Our Trainers are up to date on developments. Our Trainers will be happy to explain the new procedures in place to protect your health.

Stay safe and we will help you maintain your health & fitness through these trying times.

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