Dec 16, 2019


Roadhamas is no longer a month when people stop exercising. Nowadays it is the exact opposite! Roadhamas is now an active month. We see more people exercising during Roadhamas in Male’ City than ever before.

A lot of fitness enthusiasts engage in outdoor sports after Asru (evening). Others visit the gym immediately after a light breakfast at sundown (night). Still, others hit the gym after Tharaavees (late night). The after Tharaavees folks may take a heavier breakfast and give time to empty their stomach before a late-night workout.

So, we are now seeing three different time slots for exercising during Roadhamas.

The last two hours before breaking fast (evening), shortly after a light breakfast (after sunset) and after Tharaavees (late night).

Hence, we have changed our Roadhamas opening hours accordingly.

Our Roadhamas Time Table is as follows: 3.00 pm in the afternoon till 1.00 am early morning, shortly before “Haaru”.