Dive to Stay FIT

Dec 16, 2019


Male’ Fitness Club has hosted a presentation on Dive to Stay Fit today. The presentation was held at the MFC Studio,  where the gym’s Trainers, were joined by the owner and Director Hamid Abdul Gafoor. 

Adam Ashraf, owner, and MD of Dive Desk, and President of the Maldives Dive Association gave a presentation on how scuba diving is beneficial to the human body. 

Part of the initiative of hosting this program was to help shift the perspective from Diving as a ‘dangerous’ and ‘undoable’ activity to everyday fitness activity. 

Ashraf, with over 17 years of experience in Diving, stressed on the budget means, and science-backed health evidence that proves that diving is, in fact, beneficial to the human body. 

Speaking about the program, Hamid Abdul Gafoor stressed on how convenient and affordable diving has been made today. “Just like any other fitness activity, such as jogging, scuba diving is also an integral part of the health and fitness industry in the Maldives”. 

Ashraf highlighted the health benefits such as burning calories, increasing healthy blood flow, and most importantly, the zen-like lightness it brings for the mind and soul. Ashraf was also quick to acknowledge the dangerous health risks unsafe diving could cause. 

Ashraf opened the floor for discussion. Ashraf answered each question with a smile, giving examples to better explain his point. 

The first program of it’s kind, as the oldest and one of the most recognised gyms in the country, MFC is proud to pave the way to help build and strengthen the fitness industry in the country. MFC will be hosting similar events throughout the coming months. 

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