Democratisation of National Sports Associations is good for Sports Business

Dec 16, 2019


Male’ Fitness Club welcomes the immediate implementation of the amended FIFA approved Statutes of the Football Association of Maldives. We congratulate the FIFA Normalization Committee Members and Chairman Mohamed Shaveedh for their foresight.

The new Statutes have opened up voter eligibility from 13 to 44 Football Clubs and increased the FAM Executive Committee from 7 to 9 members. The amended Statutes also require key committees to be voted in by the Congress and not the smaller Executive Committee.

Furthermore, related interest groups within the game of Football such as Referees, Players, Clubs and different strands of the game such as Beach Football, Indoor Football (Futsal) and Women’s Football are now able to associate and represent themselves at the Congress.

These Statutory Amendments, we hope will open up the game for more players and boost the further development of the game. More and better players will require higher levels of fitness.