MFC Academy starts 5th batch of National Fitness Instructor Certificate III

Dec 16, 2019


The Male’ Fitness Academy has been conducting the Fitness Instructor Certificate III since 2016. The 5th batch of this three-month course started today. The course instructor is Mr. Janaka Samarasingha, a practitioner and academic who has worked with our academy delivering this TVETA approved course from the very start.

A lot of our students are already involved in fitness. They wish to enhance their knowledge and get formal certification. We also attract students who see the sense in obtaining this qualification to start a new career. Personal Training is becoming an attractive option.

The course requires the student to attend two modules of ten days duration or 120 hours of classroom study with 60 hours of internship in the 7 to 8 weeks in-between the modules. This batch will complete its first module on 14 Sep. The second module is scheduled from 7 to 16 Nov.

Students are assessed by external assessors appointed by the TVET Authority of Maldives. A 3-hour exam is scheduled immediately after the second module on Sun 17 Nov and practical assessments with practical on the following two days.

Three courses are scheduled for 2020:

  • Batch 6 from February 6-15 & April 9-18
  • Batch 7 from June 11-20 & August 13-22
  • Batch 8 from October 1-10 & December 3-12