Roadhamas Special 2018

Dec 16, 2019


Introduce your friends to MFC & get 20% off membership this Ramazan!


How does it work?
For each friend you introduce to Male’ Fitness Club, get 20% off your next membership fee. For example, five friends means 100% off!
We’ll provide a card that will be stamped for each friend (10 maximum). Present the card to the front desk when renewing after 30 June and get your total discount.

Can these friends already be MFC members?
Only if they are restarting members (ie. their last visit on record was more than 3 months ago).

Does the discount apply to PT packages?
If your next membership is a PT package, the total discount that can be applied is 40%.

What are the opening hours during Ramazan?
3.00pm to 1.00am, closed on Fridays.

Got more questions?
Give us a call at 3328722 or ask us on Facebook or Twitter.