MFC Academy Sports Science Workshop 15-20 Nov 2015 is underway

Dec 16, 2019


We have kicked off our Sports Science Education and Training Project with the first Workshop now ongoing 15th to 20th November 2015.

This workshop will be followed up with four courses spread out during 2016, schedule quarterly. The principle Instructor will be the MFC Technical Director, author and academic, Janaka Samarasinghe.

We have scheduled the Course in the first two quarters to amount to Certificate Level One qualification, with an option to obtain industry experience through an Apprenticeship at the Male’ Fitness Club. This program is scheduled where the first quarter course starts 21 February and the second quarter continuation starts 15 May.

We have scheduled the Course in the second two quarters to amount to a Certificate Level Two qualification with choice to take up an Apprenticeship. This program is scheduled where the the first part starts 25 Sept and followed up with the continuation starting in the final quarter on 20 Nov.

Details of the duration and the number of contact hours in classroom and at practicals, as well as Apprenticeship option will be posted soon. Should you have queries in the meantime, please contact us at 3001552 or via email