Jan 20, 2020


Most exercises that we do help us remain healthy and helps us stay in shape. Normally exercise helps us to keep ourselves fit and it works to burn calories and maintain a healthy body that is fit on the outside. Without a doubt keeping fit physically is an essential part of being healthy and taking care of yourself. However, we tend to forget that its not only our body that we have to take care of but also our mind.

This is where power yoga does its magic. It combines the relaxation component with the physical movements to achieve a balance that is energizing and stimulating. While the physical movements or Asanas in power yoga helps your body to work out and stretch, the meditation or Pranayama breathings helps you to build your concentration and helps you to rid off your anxieties and worry. So in a power yoga class, you will be able to achieve the perfect balance of energizing your body and revitalizing your mind. As you grow in your practice of power yoga you will start to enjoy a journey of mindfulness that will help you navigate through all the obstacles in life.

So by committing to power yoga, you are making a commitment to better yourself by committing to dedication and patience, which will help you achieve whatever goals you may want to achieve in life.

Power YOGA Schedule

For Mvr800 Per Month

Saturday, Monday & Wednesday

07:00 PM to 08:00 PM