Aug 24, 2020


The Certificate III in Sports Science is a useful course of study. This course opens job opportunities as Fitness Instructors, Sports Coaches, PE Teachers, Sports Supervisors, Sports Development Officers, Lifeguards, and Water Sports Instructors. The study of Sports Science opens-up future careers, and further study opportunities at graduate level.

The Male’ Fitness Academy is a registered training organization with the Ministry of Higher Education. We prepare our students for a Certificate III in National Fitness Instructor offered by the Maldives TVET Authority. The course is accredited by the Maldives Qualification Authority.

The duration of the course is 3 months or 15 weeks. The student will complete 210 contact hours spread out over 2 Modules (study blocks). The student must complete 90 hours of Internship in the 13 weeks in-between Modules.

The course instructor, Mr. Abdul Razak Ibrahim is a graduate in Physical Education and Sports with extensive teaching experience and well known for his leadership roles in education and sports.


Batch 7 starts September 2020

Classroom study is structured in two “study blocks” or Modules. Module 1 runs from 10-19 September 2020 and Module 2 is scheduled 13 weeks later from 17-26 December 2020. Each Module is of 10 days duration. Students are required to attend 6 hours of classroom time daily. Units of study involve the study of the muscular, cardiovascular, nervous and energy systems of the body and how they come into play during physical activity and sports. You will also be introduced to the mechanics of human movement amongst numerous new topics in Sports Science. First Aid is a requirement.

Internship is supervised. In the 13 weeks between two modules, students must schedule blocks of 3-4 hours every week. You will be working as an intern under the supervision of a certified Fitness Instructor. You will observe and interact with clients. You will demonstrate and explain exercise technique and you will administer basic fitness tests and experience management functions of a sports and fitness business.

Batch 8 starts October 2020 with Module 1 from 8-17 Oct 2020 and Module 2 from 14-23 Jan 2021.


Study during COVID-19

The pandemic is expected to bring major lifestyle changes in the way we live, work, play and study. Despite restrictions of physical distancing, we run face to face study for batches of 10 students. We are also equipped to deliver classes online. We have however opted to continue delivering the Certificate III face to face. The nature of study demands physical presence to engage in physical activity with distance. While we maintain over 3 feet distance inside the classroom, we maintain a strict 6 feet or 2-meter distance in our activity classes. We adhere strictly to HPA Guidelines. 


How to get in touch with us

Interested students may look us up on our website and or get in touch with us by calling 332-8722. A certified Fitness Trainer will answer your call and assist you with making an appointment for an orientation to the course and a meeting with the Course Coordinator. You may also text 747-2535 or mail academy(@)maalefitnessclub.com and we will call you back.

We look forward to hearing from you and Stay Safe.