MFC Academy Sports Science Workshop

Dec 16, 2019

press release

Male’ Fitness Club is pleased to announce the MFC Academy Sports Science Workshop Series, with the first workshop scheduled for 15 – 20 November 2015. This will be followed up with quarterly workshops scheduled for February, May, September and November of 2016.

The workshops will be conducted by Fitness Specialist, book author and academic, Janaka Samarasinghe (Sri Lanka).


The MFC Sports Science Workshop Series is geared towards qualifying fitness instructors. The first will cover Anatomy Basics, Principles of Exercise, Biomechanics, Exercise Prescription, Components of Fitness, as well as a practical session, totaling 18 contact hours over six days. The workshop is suitable for practicing fitness trainers, sports coaches and fitness enthusiasts seeking a deeper understanding of their practice.

The opening of the Male’ Fitness Club in 1989 sparked interest in fitness as a recreational pursuit. Fitness instructor training was initially an amateur on the job experience. A number of enthusiasts were motivated to take up instruction as a profession after their positive experience at the Club. The need for formal qualifications eventually gave birth to the MFC Academy in 2005, when instructor training moved into formal classroom settings.

We believe there is increasing demand for quality within the profession. The aim of this first phase of the Club’s Sports Science Education project is to assist future instructors to obtain Certificate Two qualification by the end of 2016. Theory will be coupled with the opportunity to enhance practical knowledge with mentored work experience. The Club’s policy is to qualify all MFC Instructors by 2017.

Please go here for more details and application form for the Sports Science Workshop.