Dec 16, 2019

press release

We opened the gym for the public to join our first Roadha Weight Monitor project this year. Our sample for this Roadhamas was 88.

The average weight of men was 73 kg, while the average weight of women was 64 kg. The average weight difference between men and women in this year’s sample was 9 kg. While 23% of the volunteers were women, men amounted to 77% of the sample.

What we intend to do is to retake the weight of our volunteers within 6 days of the end of this Roadhamas and compare pre-Roadha and post-Roadha weight.

We have already informed each volunteer their pre-Roadha weight, what date it was taken and the name of the Trainer who took their weight.

The question we are asking is, do we lose or gain weight during Roadhamas?

One may well ask why the average weight of women is less than the average weight of men. The fact of the matter is that men have more muscle mass than women. This is genetic and a scientifically established fact and therefore not a surprise.

We will compare how weight changed over Roadhamas for (a) the total sample and (b) for women and men separately. We can then find out if our volunteers in fact lost or gained weight during Roadhamas. We will also learn (c) if there was a difference between men and women in the amount of weight fluctuation.

We will post the results immediately after the post-Roadha Weight Monitor is completed early June.

New Year Weight Monitor 2020 is scheduled for this December. In this program, we will be asking our volunteers to return in December 2020 to re-take their weight.