POWER Clinic

Dec 16, 2019

press release

The POWER Clinic is an event held by Male’ Fitness Club to promote and educate fitness enthusiasts, members and non members about power lifting. It will be held on 25th November (Friday) at MFC gym floor.

Last month, MFC has successfully held the first bench press competition in the Maldives. The objective of this competition was to provide a stage for all fitness enthusiasts to test their muscular strength and endurance, under international power lifting rules. The winners of the two events, maximum strength and maximum number of reps, were crowned Mr. Bench and Ultimate Bench winner.



We aim to introduce international power lifting federation rules to the Maldivian fitness scene and familiarize these rules for future competitors, helping them hone their skills for the next MFC Bench Press Open scheduled in February 2017.

The POWER Clinic will cover the following:

  • Basic human anatomy behind the exercise and other physical attributes
  • Basic strength training model
  • Training techniques and routines used by the winners
  • Previous competitors and winners sharing tips on warming up and performing the lift
  • Walk-through of Mr. Bench event and Ultimate Bench event by the judges of the MFC Bench Press Open 2016 (including rules, weigh-in, judging/disqualification points and scoring)