Starting today, we are switching to the Roadhamas Special Fitness Membership. MFC will essentially go Full-Access from 23 May till 24 June 06 July. 


How much is it?

Our Roadhamas package is MVR 550/- for one month gym membership. We will, of course, maintain the women’s rate of MVR 450/-.

When can I buy this membership?

Right now! As long as your current membership expires within the month of Roadhamas, you’re eligible for the special package. Now available until 06 July.

What if my membership expires today? It is not Roadhamas yet!

No problem. We’ll give you free access for the next few days leading up to Roadhamas.

Am I eligible if I have a membership that expires after Roadhamas?

Yes, if your membership expires on or before 06 July.

What about new members or re-starting members?

Roadhamas Special is available to all regular members, but 100/- registration fee for new members and 50/- re-start fee (after 3 months) still apply.

What about Corporate Membership?

No change.

What are the opening hours during Roadhamas?

3.00 pm to 1.00 am.

Got more questions?

Give us a call at 3328722.